Renovation of the façade and sub-roof of the administrative building KOSTT sh.a

Place: Pristina
Name of the contracting authority:
KOSTT sh.a.
The total value of the project:
1,957,464.18 €
Number of staff engaged for this project:
For the execution and completion of all works
for this project approximately 200 people were engaged.
Start of Project / End of Project:
Project Description:
The contract was concluded between KOSTT and Al Trade, the
project started in 2013 and was completed in 2014.
This project included the following:
Demolition and demolition works, Improving the facility and spaces
on garages, works of concrete, works for reinforcement of structures,
works with walls and partitions of knauf, waterproof jobs, plastering,
coloring and wall coating, ceramics and granite works, floor works,
roof works, doors and windows, construction of ventilated facade with
ceramic tiles, installation and functionalization of the air conditioning
and ventilation system. Also installing sanitary elements, installing
the system water supply and sewerage, electrical installations,
mechanical installations, creation of roads, parkings, sidewalks and
greenery as well and other works. According to the oversight team’s
assessment, the construction rate for the main activities in this
project was very satisfied and very high. The renovated building is in
compliance with the standards.